It would be great if you or your church would pray for Bristol's inner city and white estates on a regular basis

pray for the churches in these areas for creativity and courage

pray for renewal and refreshing for those who have been involved for many years

pray for the work of the Spirit to be seen

pray for the shalom of the kingdom; for justice, peace and joy in our city

As those who live or work in the city, join us in praying by using the following prayer (with grateful thanks to our partners in Urban Expression)

God our encourager,
you know the many things in which we're involved.
We offer to you
our frailty and fragility,
our fears and inadequacies,
and pray that you'll use them all
to build up your church and world
Sometimes we retreat onto safe ground,
keeping our borders well defended,
our protocols and policies in sharp relief.
And in doing that,
we forget the tender hearts
of the people around us
and their need of your presence in us.
Whatever we're facing today,
give us courage to be creative,
and take the risk of
opening our hearts and minds
to your pioneering Spirit,
recognising that you might call us
to do something new for you
and this neighbourhood.
Help us know that
no defence mechanism
however secure
can protect us from
danger and failure here.
But assure us in our deepest places
that we walk into today
with you before us, beside us and behind us.
And you, our God, are all we need.
Thank you God.