What do we mean by partnerships?

Partnership is a way for you to relate to an urban congregation. You can partner as an individual or as a whole church. We would love you to get involved. Partnership is practical involvement of some kind. Maybe few hours each week or on a more full time basis.

You could be helping with employment projects, children's and youth projects, literacy, cookery, listening and mentoring, or even growing fruit and vegetables. The possiblities are endless!

We want to be attentive to the needs and skills in each situation so that partnerships grow organically.

Partnerships are always two-way. Our experience shows that you are likely to receive more than you give, and to be transformed as much as the people you spend time with are transformed.

If this kind of thing excites you, then we would love you to contact us to talk more.

Why are partnerships important?

Partnerships are about joining hands with people who are different from us. Our city is dividedówe often don't know people in other parts of town; we are divided by ethnic background and age groups; we are divided by upbringing and wealth. Joining with others across boundaries is an essential way of participating in God's kingdom of justice, peace and joy.

Partnership in this way opens our eyes to see Jesus in our neighbour. This kind of risky relationship must be at the heart of our mission.

What do partnerships look like?

Resource Bristol helps promote and support healthy mission-shaped partnerships. We help develop value based partnerships that put Christ-like characteristics at the heart of partnership: qualities such as vulnerability; patience; humility and ability to learn; creativity; courage and a willingness to take risk; generosity to invest where we won't reap personal benefit; perseverance for the long haul.

You can find out more about training which will address these kinds of issues.